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#LadiesInTechStories: Meet These Two Egyptian Ladies, They Created Eventtus, A Social Platform for Events Discovery

Abiodun on January 20, 2014 - 9:02 am in Business & Money, GirlPower, Startups

Eventtus is a social platform for events that helps people find events matching their interests and happening near them. Founded by Nihal Fares, Ahmed Shreef (a guy) and Mai Medhat, Eventtus also connects events organizers to the right audience and gives them the right tools to promote and manage their events and keep their attendees engaged during and after the events.


So I asked them few questions and their response was awesome!

tech360ng: Are you ladies both coders or entrepreneurs? If yes, What are your core competencies?
Response: We both are coders and entrepreneurs, we are computer engineers graduated in 2009. Nihal codes for Android and she built Eventtus for Android and I code for iOS, I build Eventtus for iPhone V1, before being very busy with the business and customers. Then we had to hire some very smart engineers who are taking care of it now.

Eventtus Teamtech360ng: How has the funding you were able to raise impacted your business model?
Response: We raised 1.2M EGP ($172,000), it helped us to expand our team. We moved from 4 team members to 10 and working around the clock to build better product that can be used by customers around the world and provide the best experience at events.

tech360ng: What are the key milestones you recently crossed?
1- We got selected to showcase Eventtus at Web Summit last October in Dublin.
2- Winning the first place for the best app at Samsung Entaleq competition.
3- Handling tickets and networking for RiseUp Egypt 2013 conference. With 2000+ attendees.
4- Joining PITME Labs in San Francisco, it’s a one month bootcamp to help startups from the middle east to meet mentors and key players from Silicon Valley.

tech360ng: How do you see your business and what do you hope to achieve in the next 5yrs?
Response: Our dreams are big, we see Eventtus is the Facebook for events, whenever someone thinks about an event, Eventtus is the first thing to come in mind.

We are planning to launch in different cities through 2014 like Dubai, San Francisco, NewYork and Barcelona. And we hope to launch in more cities in 2015.

tech360ng: What are your thoughts on the ladies and technology in Africa? Please note some of your response will be added to our blog for inspirations.
Response: We are passionate, confident and believe in our business and what we do. We hope to inspire more ladies and help them to get into the technology field. Unlike US and Europe, in Egypt we have many engineering female students but most of them don’t continue in this field.
Outside the work Nihal and myself devote time to empower and mentor more women in the Tech field, we join many mentorship programs to help students and young ladies to achieve their dreams and start their own business.

Till date the startup has raised over $172,000 in funding from experienced investors such as Hossam Allam and Con O’Donnell. Eventtus should really be described as a social network that can be built around your specific event. It doesn’t really matter too much what sort of an event it is. It could be a concert or an overseas trip, or a trade show or conference for your business. The start up already has free mobile app for Android and IOS which is live in the market.


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