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How Digital Learning will Shape the lives of African Nations

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Guest Blogger on September 5, 2015 - 5:49 pm in Education, Gadgets & Mobile, Reviews & Opinions

Our planet earth in the past few decades has shown a commendable growth in terms of living and technology. However, looking at this fact a bit closer, we get to have a sneak at the poor nations who are still away from basic (as we call them). Let us peep into a layman’s perspective, ask him about people in Africa, replies will shake you till bottom or even if it’s you, the picture collages going through your inner vision will highlight the need of Digital Learning. The thoughts here we are talking about are poverty, hungry kids, health issues, etc (in some case tall Muscular guys but no standard of living) … in all call it an ocean that holds the power to keep any nation last in the queue of development. Is this the world we talk about, when we say are exploring universe? I believe the answer is supposed to be ‘No’ as we have growth and success confined to particular nations and people all across this oval shaped planet.

Technology in past few years went through a striking boom and indeed is still rising. It isn’t just confined to our daily usage (or landing our innovations on Mars or Moon) but plays a very vital role in learning; being precise we are talking about digital learning and African Nations. Bill Gates recently said, ‘Africa will be proving its mark by bringing better crops, fertilizers and infrastructure by 2030.’To handle this entire and to an extent make this possible digital learning plays a vital role. If at this point somewhere in your brain question arises, as to how? Here are some answers:

Use of mobile phones and digital banking will ease and educate about accessing accounts, availing credit and getting self and property insured. This won’t just save the money in hand but will also secure the one invested, in turn inviting good returns.

The Digital Learning platform through its various methods throws some light constantly over the ‘living healthy life: benefits and ways’. Looking closely at these poor nations we can find various diseases and incapability to stop/control them as a reason to major disasters. Let us be genuine and accept ‘health is wealth’.

Digital learning will enhance the chances of growing the market and thus increasing sales will bring better profit figures. Any nation needs a platform to get connected with world. The mode helps them get wider market and more resources that result in better income and thus ‘growth’.

The list won’t end in any way, to analyze the true benefits of digital learning, a single phrase is sufficient ‘Technology is a thread connecting globe together’. However in past some time youth of African Nations has been noticed inclined towards Digital Learning but the glitches caused due to acts of Boko Haram and physical illness, (primarily result of lack in education) still asks for around a decade and half.

The need of time from our perspective is spreading Digital learning to mould the profession and social world in a way they get sync with the nations across the globe. Looking at the other side of coin, we are sure that this won’t just help African nations but will also treat the world with eye-bobbling resources (natural or manmade) present in Africa. With these facts and figures, we sign off here expecting the backward nations to take a lap ahead and walkthrough the boulevard with the rest of world.

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