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Infinix Investment in Africa is Evolving into Mobile Powerhouse

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Paul Solomon on September 3, 2015 - 10:29 am in Big Brands & OEMs, Gadgets & Mobile, News & Media, Press Release

In only three years, Infinix Mobility has built a strong reputation in the Nigerian market and more globally from the East to the West of this world; including Middle East, Europe and South East Asia region. A successful brand is built by people who know the industry; otherwise brand comes and disappears as fast as it comes.

A Little About Infinix Mobile And Its CEO
Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix mobile, is an art bachelor graduated of Hefei Technology. It may answers questions around why Infinix smartphones designs are so trendy, catchy and unique (i.e. Infinix zero 2 made of Kevlar).
2003,Benjamin Jiang joined Bird Co., Ltd. Chinese mobile phone pioneer as Head of project Management. The following year, the company was listed in Shanghai Stock exchange. In 2009 the company received a government subsidy of 14 million Yuan. By 2007, Infinix Mobility CEO joined Longcheer holdings a leading Chinese mobile handset design house as GM of International Business Unit. Since 2012 Benjamin Jiang is now CEO of Infinix Mobility.

Infinix Mobility: Brand in Africa and Emerging Market’s
Finding the right partners at the right time and on the right place is also part of the smartphone manufacturer success. When Infinix launched the Infinix Zero with Konga.com last year, it made Infinix Zero the No. 1 and best selling online smartphone in Africa.
Nigerian consumers loved the Infinix Zero and bought 150,000 units (mostly online). Made with superior materials—gorilla glass and sporting an octa-core processor from Mediatek, a HD screen and a 13MP camera with flash LED. The device brings innovation to Nigerian market. The success in Nigeria was later extended to East-Africa and Middle East.
In November 2014, the smartphone manufacturer set Christmas mood with Infinix HOT for Nigerians.
The device seems to match Nigerians taste of 5.0 inches screen, pocket friendly and colorful smartphone—yellow, red, white, black and pink—that reach 100 000 hands.

benjamin jiang
Technology and Innovation At your Fingertips
By April, a technology storm hits Nigeria. African market is a special market—facing energy issues. Bruno Li, country manager for Nigeria, stated “As a High-tech company, it is our duty to deliver product that brings concrete solutions to the market.” Infinix HOT NOTE a 2 days battery life smartphone and super fast charging technology (30 min charge 7 hours use) was released by manufacturer.

June 2015, the honorable successor of Infinix Zero series, Zero 2 delivered high specs and premium design, first of its kind on the continent. With its 5 inches HD Super Amoled and an ultra efficient 13 MP camera, Zero 2 brings to Africa bright and sharp vision of the High tech industry. Talking about design, the device weighs only 118g. The biggest surprise is the unique material selected by Infinix R&D. In fact Zero 2 comes with a Kevlar battery back cover that is used in aeronautic equipments, safety and military industry. Kevlar is highly resistive against shock and five times lighter than steel.
This time, Infinix decided to launch the device in the most prestigious university of Nigeria, Unilag University. Bruno Li, Infinix Nigeria Country Manager said

“Being closer to our fans and end-users is what makes us understanding the market. We like to interact with our users either online or offline.”

Infinix Mobility partnered with Google, Jumia and MTN, three pillars of the High-tech ecosystem. Infinix launched Infinix HOT 2, the 1st official Android One product with lollipop 5.1 in Africa. Moreover the device comes with a 2GB RAM which will be a standard for the market. The operating system will be getting an update to the latest Android version up to two years. With the Hot 2, the largest African operator MTN is offering 1GB data for 500 Naira to fit consumers need in data connection. Finally HOT 2 has break new records with 30 000 units sold online in seconds.

My phone just didn’t work, I complained but in no time the responded and replaced it with better service. The company is controlling the space with more than 100 service centers across Africa with bringing support to its end users.
From East to West of Africa, users are able to find professional support through service centers. Most products are providing a 365 days warranty which allow consumers to get customer service from 400 engineers and technicians. With more than 10000 distribution channels, Infinix Mobility ensures the supply of its devices to billions of Africans. Infinix and its service centers are bringing to African smartphone users what other brands don’t.


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