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Some Companies Still Require Physical Mail Delivery? This is an Insult on Power of the Internet

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oluSunYAh on January 13, 2014 - 9:30 am in Gadgets & Mobile, Technology

“I’m very excited about having the Internet in my den.” -Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was VERY excited for having the internet; on the contrary some entrepreneurs are not even moved by it. And just when you think you are in the computer age, someone just presents you an invitation back to centuries past to have a taste of what if the internet never existedagain.

Technology surely has affected the way we do business, from attending to email on the go, to working remotely irrespective of the location of the team members, among others. Despite the ease that comes with using the internet, some people still find it difficult to port to the digital scene, and still go by the old way.

Towards last year, my director demanded that I prepare a proposition for a company, which I did and sent via email after which I placed a call through to the recipient informing him that I already sent the proposition. The recipient later called to confirm receiving the mail. Surprisingly, I almost got crucified on going to the recipient’s office over the week to finalize our propositions. Why!? Simply because I did not come to their office with a hard copy of the said letter in order for them to acknowledge it. I was like ‘no wonder, this guy didn’t acknowledge the mail I sent.

Almost every worker in that company uses a BlackBerry device, yet the Managing Director told me that the company is not internet-inclined. This tells me that some people still see smartphone as ‘phone of class to impress’ and not to make their daily lives easier and smarter. Note that the same company maintains a website, even though it’s not up-to-date 🙂

But why on earth will you want me to send a document via email and still expect the same document to be printed and sent to your physical address in the name of acknowledgment? So my company still has to spend some extra cash using courier service.

I considered itan insult on the power of internet in easing the way we live and do business. People should just get the fact that the internet and technology is meant to make our lives much easier. You probably have experienced similar situations where someone hands you an invitation to the  ‘what  if the internet never existed‘ era; share your experience with us.


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