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Interaction with Our Smartphone and Outside World – Our New Lifestyle

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oluSunYAh on September 30, 2013 - 11:21 am in Analysis & Opinions, Gadgets & Mobile

When I walked into a gathering of people recently and a higher percentage of them have their attention buried in their handheld devices; the era of smartphones has succeeded in making us phone-addicts.

Phones these days have gone from just being communication gadgets to our lifestyle, with our everyday activities evolving round it. You can go to the church without a bible but can’t afford to go to work without your smartphone or be away from your phone for a whole day.

It’s become a major part of our everyday life, and also our status in the society we find ourselves. Communication no longer has the distance-barrier.

In the last quarter of 2011, smartphones’ shipment globally out-numbered personal computers’, an indication Kids playing outsidethat we are going more mobile. Even statistics by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for 2013 have it that there are 6.8 billion mobile-cellular subscriptions as against the 7.1 billion global populations and there are indications that mobile subscription will soon outnumber global population.

Our lives now evolve round our handheld devices: our smartphones and tablets, we talk, walk, and sleep with our phones, making them our confidant, personal assistants, and even our banker. Mobile phone now gives the unbanked the opportunity to have a taste of banking services irrespective of their closeness to a banking hall.

We can now read eBook when we want to. The era of hanging out with friends is fading away since we are always together on BlackBerry Messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter among other instant messaging platform as well as social media; isn’t that affecting our social skills aside the social media?

It’s becoming our companion, affecting the way we interact with our environment; we are glued to the screen of our handhelds while in transit, even those on foot most of the time ‘tweet-walk’ and ‘ping-walk,’ and also do the smartphone gait – a slow sidewalk when busy with our handheld devices.

Our mobile devices has given us the opportunity to consume media, communicate with our loved ones and see the world in different manners; it’s an era when we are not digitally and mentally present where our body is.

Even companies have clinched on the potential of mobile to get messages across to us about new products and services as well as promotions and offers; we are mobile 24/7, and we are currently experiencing a tsunami of information washing over us and this is attributable to the ease of access provided by smart handhelds.

Gone are those days when only the professional photographers have cameras, now everyone is a camera man with smartphones in our hands, which even give us a clear picture with a good resolution.

Surely, smartphones are making our daily lives much easier, but have you ever asked yourself if mobile phones never existed in the place? Seriously, what if handheld devices were never invented?

Picture Credit: Geeks and Humor


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