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Keep Your Eyes on The Ball

Bidemi Ojo on June 27, 2016 - 4:01 pm in Business & Money, Entrepreneurship, Reviews & Opinions, Startups, Technology

If you are a startup founder or an enthusiast, you shouldn’t be ignorant of the fact that starting, running and scaling a business is about ten times harder than working as an employee.

There are 1001 issues or challenges, whether self- inflicted or systemic that serve as distractions everyday to a typical startup in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. Issues ranging from electricity and other infrastructure challenges to seed funding. Others are zero access to partnerships with big brands, underperforming staff, economic hardship taking a toll on customer patronage. Including personal issues such as accumulated fatigue due to long hours of work.

Truth be told, these issues require the staying-power, sustaining energy, driving force; which are all contextual synonyms that mean one thing- dont take your eyes off the ball! In the midst of all, we can take a cue from quite a number of startups that have found that ray of hope; that light at the end of the tunnel. We learn from the consistency of Andela, beyond the series B funding for market expansion.

andelaHere is what Iyin E Aboyeji, Cofounder; Head of Recruitment wrote recently on mediumpage.com while trying to tell his keeping faith story.  It is important for my story to be told to inspire other Nigerian founders who can multiply this success. As Andela, we can always do a better job of highlighting our roots in Lagos, clarifying the role of our global hub in the U.S., and making sure our story is told correctly. I care very deeply about that, which is also why I am writing this. It is tough to make sure the press, across multiple countries, tells the entire story from our point of view in 500 words or 30-second clips. Two years ago, who could have thought a crazy twenty-something- year-old Nigerian from a humble middle class family could co-found a global company from Nigeria funded by THE Mark Zuckerberg? There had to be a melding of people, cultures, and circumstance for this to all happen and I am grateful to have built an amazing team, partnered with supportive investors and worked with outstanding colleagues who have made Andela what it is today.

So let’s celebrate the history we have made and then focus on what’s important — building the future of this continent. We have work to do You may have to keep your eyes fixed on the ball for victory is insight. The world awaits your own story too!


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