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Budgit’s Tracka.ng Lets Citizen Track Governments’ Activities in Their Area

oluSunYAh on May 13, 2014 - 9:11 am in News & Media, Startups, Technology

In recent past, we’ve had Open Government Project, a platform that’s looking forward to bridging the gap between the government and the governed.

There’s also BudgIT, an online medium that champions itself in narrating the Nigerian budget at all levels in a more interactive form in a bid to spur discussions for better governance.

And now BudgIT is giving us another platform to monitor activities of our leaders, both elected and appointed, the Tracka.ng.

“It is a network of active citizens who track projects in the budget and give feedback to government and their communities.”

With Tracka.ng which is more like a social media to share and track activities of government, you get to track governments’ capital projects in your area.

Users can also upload pictures or video about an area in which they want the government to look into. And your post can be shared on other social media while other users can like or post a comment on your post.

Aside that, you can also add the contact of the concern government official if you have it and with the government official would get a notification each and every time there is an activity on that particular post. The notification can either be in form of text message or email, depending on the contact provided while uploading that particular issue.


There’s no barrier to the type of issues that can be posted, so far it’s a call for action by government, it agencies or departments.

Now, you can monitor government contracts and projects in your community but the platform doesn’t support anonymity for now.

The Project Leader at BudgIT, Oluseun Onigbinde said  the organisation would look into the implication of anonymity activities on the platform before enabling such feature on it.

Remember that bad road around your area, the leaking water corporation pipe among others in your community, share it and tag concerned authority.

So, let the tracking begin.


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