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Weird smartphone Accessories

Kobe on September 1, 2016 - 6:51 pm in Sponsored, Technology

With each new model, the possibility of expanding the smartphone increases. Third-party developers of applications and accessories sometimes offer very weird accessories. But among the latter there are very strange things, the scope of which is not clear, but sales did not exceed a few dozen copies.



What did manufacturers of such “freak” accessories were expected and why they were hoping for a big profit – is not known, but we can try to solve this riddle itself by checking below strange additional devices to smartphones.

Want to find some unique smartphone accessory? Or you have broken one and need another for low price and immediately? No matter what is your purpose – buying smartphone accessories on Jiji always brings positive emotions!


The handset from desk phone

Retro headset is accessory to help people over 60. Normal wire tube is connected via a 3.5 mm jack. Available in different colours, according to the usual old days of red, yellow and blue colour to a gold-plated, aimed at young and trendy. You can use the phone as a comic gift, but it is difficult to imagine its application in everyday life.

Device for hunting ghosts

The project of such accessory collected 35 thousand dollars on Kickstarter and was successfully completed. In fact, of course, it is not looking for ghosts, and is the simplest electromagnetic radiation detector, but it never adds to the utility, because electromagnetism is inherent to everything that conducts electricity. Why then is it necessary? Because it’s fun – responds maker  of this useless equipment.


 Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier

Producers apparently decided to play on the word “natural.” Large ceramic tube is made by hand, “naturally” amplifies the sound. Unlike competitors, designers didn’t  bother by technology improvements, manufacturers of ceramic pipes have gone any other way – from complex to simple. There are no engineers in the state of developers  – to create this amplifier took two pages from the “Acoustics” chapter from the physics textbook, and that all what was necessary.


Multi Pouch for iPhone – TaskOne

Conceptual case for iPhone called TaskOne  is a cross between a Swiss knife and a suitcase with tools for men. Interestingly, the project on Kickstarter has collected the required amount for the start of production (US $ 32 thousand.). However, it is unlikely any of owners will want to use the device as a knife for sausages or opener!








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