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Will Apple Ever Make a ‘Cheap’ iPhone? Should We Wait?

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Guest Blogger on January 25, 2013 - 12:56 pm in Gadgets & Mobile

It is a fact that every manufacturer or vendor tries his level best to limit his production within the defined budget in order to serve the customers in most economical ways. This refers to a fact that every company tries to produce valuable products in accordance with the budget while meeting the quality standards. The major focus of every mobile vendor is always cost-effectiveness and maximum user satisfaction. The best example can be of Apple’s products.

Apple is facilitating the users with iPhone versions comprising of more advanced features in each release within defined scopes, documents, costs, and expenditures. One must keep in mind that cost-effectiveness never means that something is less expensive, low-cost, or cheap. This actually means that cost defined for a certain product is affordable for everyone and brings effective results to the customers as well as the device manufacturers. By keeping all this in mind, I will like to limit our discussion to the fact that Apple can never provide users with cheap or low-cost iPhone devices ever. The reasons behind this fact are as follows:

No “Cheap” iPhone can be the Future

“No cheap iPhone will be in the future, as it cannot be the future of smartphone industry”, this was the statement of Apple’s Senior Vice President. He claimed that any product that Apple produces is comprised of advanced and latest technology, which includes best display, better connectivity, GPS, better design, and much more other features. He further added that cheaper iPhone would never be the future of Apple’s products from now on because of the availability of the high-tech features in the gadgets. Actually, he gave this statement when everyone was thinking that Apple will facilitate users with cheap iPhone products to compete in markets like Africa but after this statement of Phil Schiller, everything was cleared to everyone.

Apple Laptop

No “Cheap” iPhone to Maintain Quality Standards

Producing quality products is the first priority of almost every company and retaining that quality is equally mandatory. Apple has thrown away the word “cheap” for maintaining its quality standards because it has name, value, and respect in the smartphone industry. Moreover, the excessive launch of Android has given it hard times than ever before and both of Apple and Android are trying to produce best product to sustain in the market effectively, which is why producing a cheap product now cannot be a solution.

Apple will Never Use the Word “Cheap”

Whatever device Apple will make, it will never ever use the word “Cheap” with any of its products. Not only this word “cheap” but Apple has also said Good Bye to all other relevant terms including “Inexpensive”, “Low-Priced”, “Value-Priced”, and all other similar words. These were done after the introduction of Android devices in the market because before them, Apple considered the production of less priced devices but on their arrival, it ceased to be an option.

It is vital to understand that the word “Cheap” never suits with the mobile manufacturing companies like Apple. Can this approach be sustainable?  iPhone products, especially, can never be low-priced because they are the only source of revenue for Apple. In addition to this, Apple’s 75% market is dependent on the iPhone product; therefore, it can neither compromise on the quality nor on the cost of these devices.

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