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WOWe’s Festival Continued Commitment to Promoting Women Entrepreneurship

Simi on June 30, 2015 - 9:32 am in Entrepreneurship, GirlPower, News & Media

In its quest to further promoting women entrepreneurship in the country and the region at large, the Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship (WOWe) at the 2015 festival was indeed a platform for all things woman entrepreneurs and step ahead of previous editions. And as a partner let me gist you on what happened 🙂

Over 50 speakers from different industry were present at the festival and they shared their experiences doing business as a woman and also proffering recommendations to everyone in business both men and women. Eniola Karunmi, CEO, Cambridge Weight Plan while speaking at one of the sessions affirmed that starting a business in Nigeria or any part of the world has its own challenges and that every entrepreneurs should be ready to overcome the challenges. According to her, women are at a greater chance as they are more focused and also more of perfectionists. It was indeed pleasurable to see more ladies paying and attending various focused session from Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Tech, Fashion etc In her words, Mary Olushoga, the Founder of AWP Network enjoined women to be creative in their approach to solving problem as a business women, while also learning to take feedbacks and managing all types of business risks.

She further said that having a very strong marketing strategy is key to business success, that capital is not always the challenge for entrepreneurs but that access to resources is.


The Founder/CEO of WeCyclers, Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola while sharing her experience running her company said having the right team in a business is key to succeeding at such business. And as with previous editions, there are master classes for participants which gives a first-hand insights about specific industries and WOWe added now industries to its list of master classes which include Fashion and Beauty, Technology, Finance and Investment, Manufacturing, Agri-business,Talent & Skills Management.

When you assemble woman at same location, you’re sure to see some short drama. Yes o 🙂 I guess women need to be more supportive of each other even if you’re operating in same industry. All in all it was a fantastic event with music, food and networking. Working Tori Abiola and her team we will bring you 2016 edition in international style. More pictures coming soon!!


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